Regeneration of bituminous mixes 2017-11-21T15:58:53+00:00

Regeneration of bituminous mixes

The constant and increasing use of road paving mills has resulted in a huge increase in material, called milled material, coming from the reconstruction of roads: this material is subject to restrictive controls for transport, storage and reuse.

The technological evolution in the production of bituminous emulsions now allows the total reuse of this material, otherwise destined to be treated as waste, allowing the realization of high performance products.
The regenerated emulsions are products derived from bitumen: a mixture of bitumen, water and additives, makes the result obtained extremely stable and compatible with the cement, an integral element of the mixture, used as a hygroscopic part, in order to remove the water contained in the emulsion. The product obtained with these technologies can be used in the field of road construction, for the realization of foundation layers, base layers and also for bonding layers.

BERTOLI machines are suitable for the use in situ of materials from the milling of road paving, simplifying transport and storage operations since the milling material is reusable in the construction site.
The computerized control, finally, allows to always have a high-quality result with constant characteristics.