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Earth inertization

Even two thousand years ago lime was a fundamental element in road construction: the Romans, masters in the design of infrastructures, which are still surprising for quality and majesty, used this substance, thus increasing the resistance of the paving, already at that time used by extremely heavy loads. Today this technology has been revived due to the lack of inerts suitable for the construction of the road embankments.

Earthy materials with the presence of clay – and consequently extremely unstable – used for the filling of excavations or the construction of road embankments, if properly treated with the right quantities of lime, become very high quality.
The particular conformation of the inert storage tanks in the BERTOLI plants allows the use of materials that usually have a “packaging” characteristic, making it impossible to extract them.

The ECO-MIX series is suitable for the use of clay soils, ensuring maximum performance for the management of small doses of material. The computerized control always allows the monitoring of the quality of the finished product.

The ECO-TECH range is ideal for the earth inertization: the continuous double-axis mixer – with its 52 tools – allows the perfect homogenization between the clay and the lime, offering an excellent result every time.
The computerization of the plants is the plus to optimize the mixture of the components, constantly and significantly improving the final results achievable.