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Concrete production

The production of precast concrete has always been constrained to fixed plants which, by weighing and selecting the various components, enter the mixture of water/cement aggregates in the self-loading concrete mixers: the rotary movement of the self-loading concrete mixers then mix the components. However, the self-loading concrete mixer cannot be considered a mixing plant, but it is a container for the containment of a more or less liquid product.

The need to create more high-performance plants has led us to the design of continuous mixing solutions: our aim is to introduce a product which is already mixed into the self-loading concrete mixer, therefore using them for their real use, that is transport.
BERTOLI, with the ECO-MIX and ECO-TECH range, stands out for the realization of plants that have the capacity to continuously produce cement and bituminous mixtures, with productions ranging from 5 cubic metres/h up to 150 cubic metres/h.

The ECO-MIX series is particularly suitable for  in situ work: mobile and versatile, it instantly mixes individual components making the product immediately ready for use. The production speed is certainly not at the expense of quality, always controlled by the computer on board. The computer also memorizes the recipes and allows you to repeat the same formulation endlessly, ensuring repetitive production.

The ECO-TECH range has a high production potential, it can be quickly moved and put into operation, without authorizations, being mobile and completely autonomous. Each plant is equipped with a continuous mixing mixer, able to take advantage of the strength of 52 tools, distributed on two shafts, to mix the individual components with a minimum of two stone aggregates.
The plants are ideal for the loading of concrete mixers or lorries: the dosages are controlled by a computer, assuring quality and constant standards.