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Research and development

Attention to innovation, to applied research and evaluation of unprecedented engineering solutions , is the basis of the BERTOLI design and research.

Starting from a great experience of the sector, from the knowledge of the needs and expectations of the operators, the BERTOLI machines are designed, tested and created with the aim of guaranteeing durability, safety for people and the environment, solidity, flexibility and remote control.

Special logistical requirements expressed by the customers are design challenges that BERTOLI welcomes, in order to meet both standard solutions and machines with the highest level of customization.

All BERTOLI machines – useful on small or large building sites – are automated with user-friendly computer applications, to ensure ease of use and replicable results.

The productions carried out with BERTOLI machines, thanks to the ECO-MIX and ECO-TECH lines, are distinguished in two main categories:

  • CEMENT MIXES (concrete)
  • BITUMINOUS MIXES (“cold asphalt”)

To these, you can add a series of operations, such as earth inertization, continuous dosage, mixing with resins and other specific implementations, depending on the particular application.

There are several cement-based mixtures achievable, to meet the most different application requirements: we go from the most common products, the “standard” concretes (compounds of fine and coarse aggregates, bonded by a cement and water paste in well-defined proportions), which play a fundamental role in buildings where specific characteristics of resistance, durability, workability, etc. are required, to “lean concrete” for road applications (so-called “cemented mixtures” used to a large extent in under road foundations ), up to additive products for niche applications or related to technical specifications.

The operating advantage offered by BERTOLI machines is to be able to choose, with extreme ease and speed, the type of product to be obtained, without the need to change production plant, but simply by selecting the desired “formula” from the control panel of the plant. In fact, having the raw materials (aggregates, water, cement etc.) available to constantly replenish your ECO-MIX or ECO-TECH plant, you can automatically obtain the recipe with the desired characteristics.

All this, it should be remembered, according to a different production modality compared to the “classic” production plants, which generally work for discrete production batches and require means of transport (concrete mixers, trucks etc.) to bring the finished product to the building site: BERTOLI plants work continuously and, thanks to being completely mobile, directly on the work site.

The products made with the BERTOLI mobile plants are qualitatively valid in all aspects of construction and allow energy saving and low environmental impact , with absolute respect for the safety of the building site. All this has been possible thanks to the choice, over the years, to continuously develop new technologies. It is thanks to technology and research in the chemical and material fields that it is now possible to create road pavings based on “cold” working bituminous binders. In fact, the traditional technique of the production of bituminous mixtures involves heating the aggregates and the bitumen to 160°C, so that this can properly cover the aggregates for an effective implementation. The production of the cold bitumen conglomerate instead offers significant differences with respect to tradition:

  • complete removal of the heating phase of the inerts : this is made possible by the increasing technical reliability of the bituminous emulsions, with which, it is possible to obtain, thanks to the conveying of bitumen particles within a matrix of water and additives, a viscosity that allows optimal workability at ambient temperature
  • possibility of using nearly 100% of recovery material compared to 30% for hot processes. This allows to recover large amounts of landfill materials (with increased management costs and criminal liability in the treatment of the same) and therefore saving the precious virgin aggregates extracted from the quarry
  • possibility to carry out the entire production cycle in situ starting from the raw materials, with obvious advantages in terms of speed of execution and reduction of transport to and from the building site

Passion for technology and research, together with the recognized reliability, make BERTOLI solutions the ideal choice for those who operate in both small and large building sites, in Italy and around the world.