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Company profile

Bertoli ITALIA srls was founded in July 2015 and picks up the legacy of the reality that preceded it – Bertoli Srl – which, in decades of activity, has informed, at least to the experts of the sector, their brand in the world.

The purpose of the company is to produce even better machines, complying with quality standards beyond the legal parameters, to offer excellent performance, safety for the employees and the environment.

BERTOLI srls is dedicated to the technological research and production of plants for cement and cold bituminous mixes, proposing itself as a designer of machines with high technological value.

Taking charge of a large part of the baggage of technical knowledge, technological innovations and engineering skills, the newborn company of the province of Pisa, founded by Roberto and Elisabetta Bertoli, is creating high-performance plants, used in the world of road and civil construction. The plants are built – and delivered – at a distance of not even one year after the opening of the company, demonstrating the deep know-how of the start-up.

Starting from the experience gained by the founding members, it was possible, in a short period of time, to commercialize a range of machines and plants that, in their reference area, can be placed in each market niche, ensuring performance and competitiveness both to those who operate in the small civil construction sector and to those who work in large building sites for large infrastructures.

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