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Bertoli Italia

The company, founded on a deep passion for technological research, designs and manufactures
plants and machines with high engineering content. The aim is to offer innovative solutions, based on the real needs of the customers, to meet concrete needs, the result of the detailed industry knowledge dedicated to cold-worked cement and bituminous mixes.

Telephone +39 050 804838

Service plants

The reference for mobile plants for the production of cement mixes, cold asphalt, concrete and the cold regeneration of road pavements has always been: flexibility and versatility make them irreplaceable.

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Production plants

Plants for the production of concrete, cement mixes, cold asphalt ensure reliability and solidity. Modular and customizable, they are immediately operational and easy to use, perfect for every construction site

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Dosing plants

They meet the dosing requirements of polymers, solids and liquids, for all production plants for which an accurate and absolutely replicable monitoring is required in the management of additives.

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Engineering at the highest levels

All BERTOLI plants are made after a careful preliminary design and an accurate test phase. The aim is to offer the customer simple and reliable plants and, thanks to advanced electronics, the best dosage management.

It is, therefore, possible to monitor every single operation, allowing to correct the flows of materials, in a few moments, to obtain a finished product that is always correct, always in line with expectations and always replicable.

Industry 4.0

The innovative and highly technological BERTOLI machines and plants can be yours at very advantageous conditions, obtaining the legal benefits provided by the “Industry 4.0” package.

We will be glad to accompany you in the professional and plant engineering choice which is economically most advantageous: just ask us how and we will evaluate the best opportunities with you.


Cutting-edge technologies